Essential Oils

My journey to essential oils and how they have impacted my life will be in future blog posts… but just a snip-it… they burst into my life from absolutely no-where.  I wasn’t looking for them. I was content where I was, and besides, essential oils were for the weird “hippy-type”. Please don’t take offense to that because in all honestly, for me, “hippy” used to have a negative connotation… but now it’s quite the opposite. The best definition I found of a hippy is the following: “a person who has a bright outlook on life. They are usually kind, generous, caring and loving etc. Most hippies do care about the environment and are willing to protect and/or improve it. They also have a peaceful presence about themselves. This means that their mind is in a peaceful state. However it should be noted that not all hippies do drugs. You can still be a hippy without the drugs.” Ha!  Who wouldn’t love a person with that outlook… Needless to say, I am trying to be MORE hippy-like.

Anyway, back to the topic. Essential Oils have transformed the way our family does health. I have 3 kiddos all in school and we have not needed to go to the doctor, use a prescription, or even an OTC since May 2013. I’m not opposed to going to the doctor if we need to, but as we have embraced a healthier lifestyle we are less sick, we have been able to prevent severe sickness, and the few fevers and snotty noses we have had, we were able to treat with God’s provision. I find it amazing really.

As I continue on this journey of wellness in all areas of my life, I hope to learn from others who have been journeying longer, as well as inspire others to begin and stay on the journey!

p.s. This is a Frankincense tree in the Middle East. Beautiful isn’t it?!?!




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