Pregnancy: Are nausea, leg cramps, restless legs, & insomnia normal? (Or is your body trying to tell you something?)

This is my FOURTH pregnancy in the last 10 years! Yowzas! I seriously never would have thought I’d be pregnant 4 times in my life. I always talked about having 2 of my own children and then adopting 2, but God had other plans… of which I know His plans are always better than mine.  So… roll with the punches!

From the very beginning I KNEW this pregnancy was different. I can’t really explain it, but I could just feel it. I knew God wanted to teach me a MULTITUDE of things and to be honest, it was a little overwhelming thinking about that and I just wanted to turn my brain off. (Which I did for a little while).  This pregnancy has been a journey of trusting the Lord in knowing that He knows best… He has the best timing, He knows I can handle being a mom of 4 (which I seriously doubt often), He knows what is in my heart and He knows how to push me just enough to make me uncomfortable, but to make decisions that I know are right for me, my family and this little unborn baby girl. But also, He knows how I should best take care of my body… and I have found many natural things that HE has provided on this earth are the very things that have made this pregnancy so much better.


I could continue talking about my faith journey but I know that I’ll come back to it again sometime.  The topic for today is about Pregnancy Symptoms… are they just “a part” of being pregnant or could your body be telling you something else?

With my first 3 pregnancies I would say I had moderate nausea up until the normal 12 weeks or so, I also had what I believed to be SEVERE restless leg syndrome, a few too many leg cramps, very low blood pressure, and trouble sleeping.  I WISH I had known then what I know now… not all of these symptoms are “normal” and just a part of pregnancy. With this pregnancy #4 I began to do much more research on each subject and guess what… I had mild nausea (not moderate), I have only had ONE leg and foot cramp, and 2 very short times with restless legs. However,  I did battle SEVERE exhaustion and SEVERE insomnia but I found some simple solutions for those as well.

What changed? This time around I wanted to know WHY everything was happening to me and if there was something I could do about it. I began to dive myself into research-aholic land and thus spent who-know-how-many countless hours of reading, comparing, reading testimonies, studies, blogs, etc…   So… here’s what worked for me:

Morning Sickness/Nausea/Queasiness: Essentially there’s 2 main reasons I found for morning sickness.  One is due to a woman’s hormones going bonkers in the beginning of pregnancy. (Some of this is normal, but also, if our bodies are lacking nourishment or have an abundance of toxins, the hormones can be even MORE out of whack than they should be). The 2nd reason is that our bodies may be lacking vital nutrients… vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc… A few things I found to be SUPER important were Magnesium & minerals. I began taking this magnesium supplement in the morning, Magnesium Calm in the evenings, and Mineral Essence by Young Living. During the first few months I also took Young Living’s PD 80/20 which supports the endocrine system (aka “hormone” system”).

Leg Cramps & Restless Legs: What’s interesting is that a deficiency in Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium can lead to this… so, guess what happened when I started taking magnesium for morning sickness? Yup, my legs have been just fine. And what’s a little embarrassing to admit is why I think I have had restless legs a few times. Let’s just say sometimes I have a hard time controlling my urge for chocolate and ice cream. I can’t prove it… but I’m guessing the sugar rush had something to do with it.

Severe Exhaustion: For obvious reasons it’s reasonable to be tired and need extra rest during pregnancy… they say the energy it takes your body to create a baby is likened to the energy you would need to climb a mountain. How truthful that is I’m not sure… but sometimes it sure feels like I’ve climbed a mountain! Before I was pregnant, my nature-path doctor let me know that I was border-line anemic and had me start taking Iron. She told me once my Iron leveled out, my body should maintain it. Well, it leveled out, I stopped taking iron, and my levels plummeted again. So, I got back on iron. When I got pregnant for some reason I worried about taking too much iron (which I wasn’t), but I wanted to be careful, so I got off of it and guess what… severe exhaustion started setting in which is common with an iron deficiency. So, I began to take 1 capsule every 2-3 days, and I just had a pregnancy appt and guess what… she said my iron levels are amazing and actually better than most pregnancy women at this point! woo hoo!

Insomnia: Honestly I’m not going to say much here except this worked almost immediately for my 3 year old daughter AND myself… Tart Cherry Juice. Who would have known? Check out Mama Natural’s link! I also started using 1-2 drops of Young Living’s Cedarwood Essential Oil. I put 2 drops in my hand, spread it on my hairline and next and take in a couple of very deep breaths.

I have also had very low blood pressure with all my pregnancies, but it was THIS pregnancy that it affected me the most and I would feel faint or dizzy. My midwife suggested extra salty food… chinese food or things like pickles. But honestly… that didn’t sound good to me and chinese food has so many icky ingredients. But then I found THIS remedy from Wellness Mama for Sole made out of himalayan salt. I went from needing to check my blood pressure almost daily to once every 1-2 weeks. Crazy!

I’m taking a lot of things this pregnancy… this is likely the MOST important time in a baby’s life to make sure it is nourished completely… her BRAIN is being formed for crying out loud!  Here’s everything I’m taking this pregnancy… its a lot, but I believe it’s totally worth it:

  1. Salt Water Sole
  2. Omega w/ A&D
  3. Probiotic
  4. Magnesium Chelate and Magnesium Calm
  5. Garden of Life Organic Prenatal
  6. Rutin (for varicose veins and hemorrhoids)
  7. Tart Cherry juice morning & night
  8. Iron
  9. Biotin
  10. Young Living products: Ningxia Red, Mineral Essence, Super C, Super B, Comfortone. (PD 80/20 for the first 15 weeks).
  11. Chiropractor: Although it’s not a supplement… this has been a game changer for me too! First time having chiropractic work done during a pregnancy.

That’s all for now! I am seriously so thankful for this opportunity to be pregnant again and be able to see God’s goodness in all that HE has so graciously provided. It saddens me now to think that so often we go first to man-made remedies thinking that Man has the best answer to health problems. God KNEW and still KNOWS what our bodies need… His nourishment is top-notch and designed specifically for us. I think it’s time to get back to trusting the Lord FIRST with our health…

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for reading!



Babies in Heaven… and the Love of a Father. Part 5.

Supernatural Experience #4:

If you haven’t read my previous blogs please do so… this is a continuation of our miscarriage story…

In my blog “Part 3” I shared about our miscarriage. I shared the following experience on my Facebook page last October 15th, 2014 on “Remember your Babies Day”. The amount of support and encouragement I received that day is a big part of the reason why Wine & Myrrh exists. My story had touched others and I felt the Lord prompting me to continue to share more of my story and revealing more of Him along the way.

jeremiah 1-5

There’s more to the miscarriage story: Before I got pregnant I had been praying quite a bit about getting pregnant again and I felt the Lord asking me to be more specific and share with Him my heart’s desire… So, I told him that my hearts desire was for a beautiful little girl with brown hair and blue eyes. I imagined a small little girl with long wavy hair and blue eyes like my mom. (The brown hair wouldn’t be a stretch, but the blue eyes were a long shot with such a strong gene for dark brown eyes). We NEVER shared the pregnancy or miscarriage with our boys….

Fast-forward a few months… Gabriel told us he had gone to Heaven again. He told us a few details and then he nonchalantly says this… “Oh, and I met my sister while I was there.”  I still remember my heart skipping a few beats. “What Gabriel?!?! What do you mean??” I asked. “Yes, I met my sister, she went straight from mommy’s tummy to heaven”. I had to take a few deep breaths and brace myself a little. How in the world did he know that? I asked him what she looked like… he responded. “Oh, she was really pretty with brown curly hair and BLUE eyes”.  I only remember sitting there shocked and in awe. “How did you know she was your sister?” I asked. His response didn’t give me the detailed answer I was looking for. He somewhat shrugged and just said, “I just knew it was her.” God is so good. Our baby girl is up there with my grandparents and others waiting for the rest of us to join her.  I have such a deep longing to see her beautiful face… I have another Liliana Sophia here on earth and she will be 3 years old this year.  When I imagine her with blue eyes… I believe I am able to have a glimpse of our Liliana Sophia who is waiting for us up in heaven.

So many of us have loved ones that we hope have gone to heaven before us. Although it ought to be a time of celebration that they are experiencing the King of Kings, it doesn’t take away the pain of not having them physically in our lives anymore.  If I can reassure you of one this it is this. God is Good. SO SO good. If you have had a miscarriage or lost a child, without a shadow of a doubt I can tell you where they are. Why? Because God is good. Heaven exists and where else would an all-loving Father place His children except near to Him.


Super Natural Experience #5 – The Faith of a Child

Around the same time we were hanging out as a family and Gabriel says, “oh, I forgot to tell you something about heaven.”  From everything else he had told us, of course we were “all ears”.  He said that he had seen the throne room and had seen God’s and Jesus’s throne up close. He started out by telling us that both thrones where covered with the word LOVE in all different languages and that one of the thrones was made out of gold and the other out of silver.  I asked him, “what else did you notice about the thrones?” He said, the Gold one has a star at the top and the silver one has a big heart.” Without a doubt, there was at least one question remaining… “That’s awesome Gabriel, who was sitting in each throne?” Gabriel said, “Jesus is in the gold chair and God is in the silver chair.”   I had him. I knew I had caught him fibbing… I just knew it.  Mind you, Gabriel was only 5, what did he know about the value of gold or silver? . “Gabriel, are you sure God was in the silver chair and Jesus in the gold chair?” “YUP!” “Hmmm, are you sure?” “YUP!” “I would have thought God would be in the Gold chair and Jesus in the silver.” “Oh mom…. God loved Jesus so much that he gave him the Gold chair.” I rest my case. No rebuttal. Gabriel clearly knew better than I did. Now THAT is the faith of a child. Simple. Out of the box. The  unconditional LOVE of our heavenly Father towards His own Son.

When I saw this picture it made it gives me a vision of what it might have looked like when Gabriel saw the Father and Son.

I pray that my experiences encourage you to seek God and then seek Him some more. Cry out for Him to show you all of Him… to get to know Him more. He is good and has SOOO much more in store for YOU. For all of us. Everyone has a different story, but God gets to use our whole story for His glory. All of it. It is NEVER too late.

Do you have a ‘lil one in Heaven? I would love to hear your story.

Is God Supernatural? Does He still do SUPERNATURAL stuff? My story Part 3.

Is God Supernatural? I believe just about every believer would answer this question with a “YES! Of course He is!”  The idea of “God” is supernatural. The miracle of creating a baby to some is supernatural, but that’s not really what I’m alluding to… I mean… does God still do supernatural “weird” stuff like he “used” to do in the Bible?

I started this blog in January will full expectations of blogging once a week, but I haven’t blogged in exactly 1 month and I think I know why. Every time I pray about what to write next, I feel the Lord has told me “I want you to tell everyone about me and who I am”.  One word… Daunting. I believe I have been avoiding this blog like the plague.  This will likely take a while to write as I type through all the emotions. So… here we go to places most do not know about.

I grew up believing God loved me, but I never knew He talked to me, nor did I ever see anything “supernatural”. I take that back, in high school I saw some people in Belize on a mission trip, in a church, in a fit of laughing hysteria. I had no clue what was going on, I don’t remember getting an explanation for it, nor did I ever ask. But I believe now, that was my 1st experience with crazy supernatural stuff. I believe it is what the book of Acts calls Drunk in the Spirit and God was ALL about that!

I believe God speaks to many people through dreams and my amazing hubby is one of them. I don’t dream very often, but he does ALL THE TIME.  (I’m a little jealous)

Supernatural Experience #1.  In the summer of 2011, one morning I messaged Jorge and told him I was ONE day late (I hope you know what that means). Jorge proceeded to tell me that the night before he had been awoken to an audible voice that said Liliana Sophia. (These were the two names we liked if we ever had a girl). Jorge said it was the “weirdest” thing, but that he immediately turned towards me, placed his hand over my stomach and started praying life over my belly. (I don’t think we had ever laid hands on each other in prayer, so it was definitely a strange occurrence). Needless to say I told him to get home ASAP with a pregnancy test. He did… and two lines showed up. WOO HOO! However, one week later I began to bleed and went to the doctor who confirmed what I believed had happened. A miscarriage due to low progesterone. Jorge waited a few days to share with me the following:  About 3 days after I had tested positive, he had had a dream that my body was some sort of vessel and that he saw a baby being taken out of the vessel. Sounds a little creepy and I struggled for months with this asking the Lord why He would give Jorge a baby name and then a not-so-nice dream.  A few months later I began to ask the Lord so many questions and although I don’t feel I need to share the details of what He told me, the most important is that He gave my heart peace and I knew that when a baby came again I would need supplemental progesterone.

Supernatural Experience #2:  In August 2011, Jorge and I embarked on a journey that would FOREVER and COMPLETELY alter our lives. We began the Convergence School of Supernatural Ministry here in Fort Worth, Texas.  One of my very FIRST supernatural experiences led me to realize that God REALLY, I mean REALLY cares about the itty bitty things in our lives.  We always started out school with an hour of worship. As I sat there, I was talking to myself (in my head) about the severe pain in my neck and how that evening I was going to ask Jorge to try to massage it away. (End of conversation in my head). A few minutes later I moved a few chairs down to sit right next to a friend named Grace.  After about 30 seconds she jumped up, looked me straight in the face and said, “Don’t Move!”.  ummm… ok. I didn’t move.  She walked behind our row of chairs, came behind me and started massaging my shoulders and neck. WHY in the world would she have done THAT?  God. HE WAS EASE DROPPING on the conversation I was having with MYSELF!  I was totally and utterly UNDONE. But God… He knew what it would take to open up my heart to all the incredible things He wanted to continue to do in my life…. that He cared about IT ALL.

Supernatural CRAZY experience #3… next blog post.

The word SUPERNATURAL is scary. Why? Because it’s OUT OF OUR CONTROL and out of our comfort zone. We say we trust God, but when it comes to Holy Spirit… often times we don’t let Him in. I never used to… mainly because I didn’t know how.  The Bible says we are to do GREATER works than Jesus did. But how can we without the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit? Many say the supernatural ceased with the prophets… where does it say that in the Bible? I haven’t been able to locate it. And frankly, now I don’t want to. Life with Holy Spirit is so much more fun and exciting, and yet, I have never felt so at peace along-side all the chaos of the world.


When we are in His will, it is the safest place to be.
Psalm 91:2 says: I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”  If we trust Him, I mean REALLY trust Him, we will ask Him to show us ALL of Him, not just the parts we like.


**Just because YOU haven’t seen the supernatural, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I don’t believe God is hunting us down to show us the supernatural. Rather, I believe He wants us to chase after Him no matter what it looks like, no matter where it takes us, and to ask Him for ALL of Him. If you want to see the supernatural, find out where God is showing off and go see for yourself. I bet you’ll find out more about God than you could ever imagine.

pour out my spirit

Do YOU have a story? I believe God wants you to share your story too. He is good. 100% good. Event the crazy supernatural stories of Him reveal His goodness. Share them here or let me know where your blog is!