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Healthy Immune System

We have a national & worldwide crisis on our hands. I believe we can all agree on that. How to handle the crisis has divided everyone and I think we can agree on that as well. My heart is burdened for so many reasons… for the lives lost, for the crippling fear, for the isolation & detriment of the elderly, and for the hatred spewed by both sides. Hopefully that’s 3 things we can agree on.


As I have prayed, contemplated, read opinions, and researched scientific/doctoral advice/forums/research/etc… I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s about 5 remedies for this crisis and only ONE of them is void of side effects and has zero disadvantages. Below I will post as many sources as I can. This is meant to be more informational than an opinion piece… but very likely I will insert my opinion as well. If you have ANY resources regarding any of these topics, whether they be pro/con… please send them my way and I will consider adding it below. 

Possible Remedies

  1. Boost Immune system
  2. Medication: hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide, etc…
  3. Isolation
  4. Mask
  5. Vaccine: Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson


*Boosting your immune system is the only remedy void of negative side effects. This does NOT mean supplementing simply with vitamin C. This means, treating your body the way God designed us to treat it and keeping our bodies as healthy as possible. At least 75% healthy foods: healthy meats, fruits & vegetables, etc. Plus, supplementing with vitamin C, D, zinc, among MANY others. Vitamin D levels have been show in MANY research studies to have SIGNIFICANT effects. Every day of our lives, our body is constantly fighting different viruses & bacteria. Sometimes we know when we are sick and are bodies are fighting, but if we have healthy bodies, most of the time we are unaware that our immune systems are battling and curing itself from the inside out constantly. 

In fact, I believe in July 2019 I had Covid, but I never felt sick enough to feel the need to be tested, nor did I want to be tested (that’s a whole different topic that maybe I’ll touch on below).  I felt as though I had a mild cold. I was never congested with just  a light runny nose for a couple of days and I didn’t feel all that sick. Then, on about day 4 I simply woke up with the inability to detect smell or taste. This lasted for about 2 weeks.  Because of the inability to smell, which is the #1 strange symptom reported for Covid, I am fairly confident that’s what I had. If it was… why didn’t I get super sick & why didn’t anyone in my family get sick? My guess is because we are very “preventative” with our health. We eat healthy most of the time and we all take vitamins. In fact, I was on a lot of different supplements at that time trying to boost my immune system for other reasons. The day I realized I might have the virus, I increased my vitamin intake immediately and began nebulizing with colloidal silver. Plus, I monitored my oxygen intake at times just to make sure I was ok and it never lowered.

MEDICATION *There are a number of medications on the market to combat Covid. EVERY single medication in history has some sort of potential side effect because no human body is identical to another human body. What might be ok for me, might be harmful to you or viceversa. Some medications have been used for decades with minimal side effects, while other medications are too new to know the possible outcome. Then there are other medications that have very potential harmful side effects, some even come with a “black box” warning, essentially meaning, don’t use this medication unless you absolutely need to. To date there are multiple medications that thousands of doctors around the globe have been using to treat Covid successfully.

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE: this medication has been used for decades with minimal side effects to treat malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. Like any other medication, make sure you aren’t allergic or have interactions with other medication.

IVERMECTIN: This medication has been used to treat certain parasitic roundworm infections also, for decades with next to no known severe side effects. In fact, most side effects from this medication actually come from the parasite die off and actually, after killing off parasites, you reduce the risk of developing a severe or life-threatening parasitic infection.

BUDESONIDE:  This inhaled medication is used to prevent difficulty breathing, chest tightness, wheezing, and coughing caused by asthma by decreasing swelling and irritation in the airways to allow for easier breathing. It is a corticosteroid and as with any steroid, you have to be careful with long term use. Like any medication, do your homework to know whether you have an allergy or other medication interaction. When one of my children had “chronic croup” as a toddler, he was on this medication for a while and it was a great thing for our family. 

Other Treatments: 

ISOLATION/ Lockdowns 


VACCINATION: In the United States there are currently 3 brands of vaccine brands: Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.  


  • According to CDC you may have less symptoms.  
  • *note: the vaccine does NOT hinder you from being contagious and passing the virus to others. It simply lessons your own personal symptoms. Please check CDC website for more info. While vaccinated, you can still contract the Covid virus, have and have mild symptoms, but because you are unaware that you have it, you may pass it to others.  
  • CDC How Vaccines Work:  


Company History

  1. Myocarditis Side Effect 
  1. Spike Protein collects in ovaries & Bone Marrow 
  1. Pfizer Execs: from pandemic to endemic… money to be made. 
  1. Illegal Experiments on Israeli people by Pfizer (Violation of Nuremberg Code) 
  1. Death of healthy 41 year old in Portugal 2 days later 
  1. 13 suffer Facial Paralysis 
  1. Pfizer Tremors & Bells Palsy:
  2. Former Pfizer VP – Nuremberg violation?


  1. Myocarditis Side Effect 
  1. Scary Reaction at drive-in Moderna site: 
  1. Fauci & Gates ties to Moderna? 
  1. Vaccine Operating System 
  1. Moderna Scientist “we are hacking the software of life”  

Johnson & Johnson or Jansen

  1. Everything you need to know about the J&J vaccine:
  2. Only for volunteers?
  1. Denmark removes J&J due to fears: 
  1. Dad, 43, Paralyzed:  
  1. Blood Clots: 
  1. Skin Peeled Off:  
  1. Known Asbestos in Baby Powder (bad practice)  
  1. More on Asbestos:  
  1. Infant Trials?
  2. $230 Million Opiod settlement:
  3. 18 year old hospitalized:
  4. 60M doses thrown out:
  5. South Africa pauses J&J vaccine:
  6. Woman nearly died & has huge bill:
  7. Fetal Cell Lines in J&J vaccine:
  8. J&J death:
  9. 57 year old death:
  10. More Clotting Cases:
  11. 18 year old Brain blood clot:
  12. Halt of J&J in women under 50:
  13. Denmark halts J&J vaccine:
  14. 35 year old woman dies of brain hemorrhage:
  15. Be vigilant of Stroke symptoms:
  16. 25 Year old dies:
  17. 21 year old student dies:
  18. 52 year old still got Covid:
  19. College professor died:
  20. People now dying:
  21. Everything you need to know about the J&J vaccine:
  22. Fetal Cell Line:
  23. Catholic Leaders and Anti-abortion groups protest the vaccines for aborted fetal cells:
  24. FDA Warning Guillan-Barre autoimmune:

Doctor Responses: Thousands of Doctors who are PRO-vaccine, are hesitant, why?  

  1. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny: Experience – MD/DO, Emergency Medicine Physician, Hospital Director 
    1. 20 Mechanisms of Injuries: 
    2. Evil plan?  
    3. Transmission of Spike Protein:  
    4. Protection from Spike Protein transmission: 
    5. No OFF Button:  
  1. Dr. Ryan Cole CEO & Medical Director:  
  1. World Doctors Alliance: ;  
  1. Majority of Doctors decline Covid Shot:  
  1. Association of American Physicians & Physicians:  
  1. Dr Peter McCullough (Cardiologist) Something is wrong: 
  1. Dr. Roger Hodkinson:  
  1. Frontline Doctors:  
  1. Johns Hopkins medical professor “No case to vaccinate kids”:  
  1. Surgeon fired for concerns:  
  1. Spike Protein:  
  1. HAVING Covid-19 leaves lasting antibody protection  

Side Effects: 

MRNA Technology: (In Pfizer & Moderna vaccine) 

  1. CDC Side Effects 
  1. INVENTOR of mRNA Vaccine says actual data needs to be revealed: 
  1. Viral RNA in every organ of body after death: Viral RNA in every organ of body after death:  
  1. Dangerous for kids: 
  1. DEATH rate 6 times higher: 
  1. Heart Inflammation in Kids:  
  1. Vaccine Researcher “Made Mistake”:  
  1. Big Human Experiment:  
  1. Young Men Heart Condition:  
  1. Vaccine Injury in ages 12-17 triples:  
  1. Questions Answered:  
  1. Spike Protein & Deadly Blood Clots:  
  1. 4000% increase in Vaccine Death:  
  1. Bells Palsy or other facial issues 3,764 Cases:  
  1. Majority of hospital admissions vaccinated (England)
  2. Archbishop Truth over Fear:
  3. Teen’s life shattered:

VAERS: (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) Info as of: 7/09/21

  • 10,991 Deaths
  • 2,487 Anaphylaxis
  • 1,977 Bells Palsy (
  • 5,194 Disabled
  • 3,906 Heart Attacks
  • 1,644 Heart Inflammation
  • 1,776 Low Platelet
  • 1,073 Miscarriages
  • 17,408 Sever allergic reactions
  • 6,450 Life Threatening
  • 30,781 Hospitalizations
  • 59,575 Urgent Care
  • 82,535 Office Visits
  • Underreporting – many people file months or years after injury, so this is not a full picture. 

CONFLICTS of Interest: There are a number of potential conflicts of interest in the promotion of some treatments and the silencing of others. Let’s explore these: 

  1. Inventor of PCR vs Fauci:  
  1. Censorship:  
  1. Likely no compensation if vaccine injured: 
  1. Dr. Judy Mikovits & The truth about Fauci  
  1. Rockefeller on a pandemic & global power:
  2. Censor Vaccine Concerns?
  3. Merck Whistleblowers:
  4. Girasol science:
  5. Merck cover up:
  6. Vaccine Manufacturer fraud:
  7. Most people know that REAL immunity only comes from the body flighting the actual disease itself. Fauci doesn’t want that:
  8. Everything you need to know about the J&J vaccine:
  9. Biological weapon?
  10. Ivermectin a Threat to Vaccine Business:
  11. Catholic Leaders and Anti-abortion groups protest the vaccines for aborted fetal cells:
  12. Fauci knew:
  13. Nuremberg lawsuit:


  1. Dr. Mike Yeaton on PCR tests:  

Already Vaccinated? How to help your body recover and/or detox from the toxins 

  1. Vaccine Detox:  
  1. Prepare your body before & detox afterwards:  

For MANY more articles go here to discover more truth about: Proven Covid Therapies/Treatments, Covid-19 Vaccine and Bill Gates, Fauci, Masks, Covid-19s deadlines, Reopening Schools, Media Censorship, Covid-19 testing & DNA Harvesting, and more…

18 reasons I won’t be getting vaccinated:


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