Diapers + Organic Cookies?

I hadn’t planned on writing about DIAPERS until well into the future. Doesn’t seem like the best idea for my 2nd blog post. But I will and I’ll make it short.

Liliana, my second child, has always had a very sensitive bum. She was consistently red. As we have been on a journey to try more natural products throughout the home, I thought trying a more “natural” diaper was likely a waste of time, but I’d give it a shot.  This led me to try The Honest Co. I ordered a bundle of diapers and wipes from them, as well as, Young Living Essential Oil’s Tender Tush. (This is being reformulated right now, so currently it’s not available).

I kid you not… I believe Lily has had a red bum only a few times in the past 6 months and the only reason was because I didn’t know she had a dirty diaper. I believe not having harsh chemicals in the diapers, wipes, or cream made a HUGE difference.

Where do the cookies come in? I opened up my new box of diapers that came today. And I got a Christmas present from them! A bag of Organic Cookies with a snowflake cookie cutter. I wasn’t expecting that!  And for Mother’s day this year they sent me an all natural lip gloss that I absolutely LOVE… Lily does too! haha.

Check out the SUPER cute diapers I got (and I’m trying some pull-ups this time too) and the cookies! So, if your baby gets diaper rash frequently or you are wanting to try more natural options give these Honest diapers a try. Honestly… I love them.  🙂

diapers (2)


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